1. so would….so, so would

  2. cc

    I never really get tired of looking at her seemingly endless stream of bikini shots.

    Does a day go by where she DOESN’T go to the beach?

  3. You idiots are going to pretend she’s as hot as Nina Agdal until she has a gut, aren’t you? Just like Kate “love Handles” Upton.

  4. She’s got a great body. We need to stop comparing her to her mom’s impossible standard and appreciate her hotness on it’s own.

  5. Jade

    Is this chick famous for anything other than posting pics? I don’t even know who she is supposed to be.

    • meh

      She’s supposed to be living off her parent’s money until she marries a professional athlete. Her career seems to be on track at the moment.

  6. Walter Peck

    Quit trying to make Ireland work. It’s not going to happen.

  7. Couldn’t hurt if her hips were a bit wider…

  8. kery

    she has no hips.

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