1. dude!


  2. SSHGuru

    Mitt Romney’s Penis is THIS big!

  3. “I…. I can’t…. I just could believe it was this big…”

  4. Matt looks glib.

  5. Michael Lohan talking about Lindsay: “And then I saw she had a coke straw in each hand, like this!”

  6. “There. Finally flossed that Obama ass hair that’s been stuck in there for three years.”

  7. “…And then I grabbed old Peter Jennings by the nipples and said ‘Tune in Tokyo… Come in Calcutta… True story…’”

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    Katie Couric titty twister move… it’s patented.

  9. Invisible nipples.

  10. Deacon Jones

    “But I’m a Republican! I can’t be wrong!”

  11. “Jesus! For the last time, I didn’t ‘Set Kanye up.’ He’s just stupid.”

  12. “And I would have handled the whole thing differently if someone would have told me he was a gay fish.”

  13. it had to be said

    “I said I am a damn JOURNALIST! Don’t call me a CELEBRITY again!”

  14. Jesus. Between this and the Willard Scott pic, I’m beginning to think someone put LSD in The Today Show’s coffee that day.

  15. “You too can make a fortune by putting tiny little ads in newspapers…”

  16. pixigoil

    Very strong urge to punch this guy has been bubbling up for years here….

  17. “I told the doctor I was tired of wearing glasses so he gave me this invisible pair…”

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