1. cc

    He did it for the nookie.

  2. Perseus was disappointed to find that in this strange new future he could be apprehended for releasing the Kraken.

  3. 1NDUN

    Was he arrested via satellite?

  4. EricLr

    Well, at least he’ll fit in with the other prisoners.

  5. The Atlanta police department was very proud of their brand new .0000001 megapixel camera.

  6. omgwtf

    Jump around. Jump around. Jump up, jump up to get down.

  7. What happened to him? Didn’t he use to hot?

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    Sam Worthington is there, but where is his avatar?

  9. seriouslynow

    He looks like an Irish mobster.

  10. Get a rope and hang the bastard!

  11. On what charges, unlawful Louis CK impersonation?

  12. Swearin

    The bald Jax Teller look is not good for him…

  13. Is he doing an American History X sequel?

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