1. Joj

    Ah yes, Jodie Marsh. I loved her in that movie. And in that other movie. You now.

  2. B&WM.nstrl

    Pointless scribbling, blurry pictures and being made a fool of by silicon. She’s like a newspaper on holidays

  3. Mike701

    Kid Rock never should have had the sex change.

  4. crafty sea urchin

    Eeeeuuuwwww, wish I hadn’t clicked that thumbnail.

  5. I’m sure whoever took this picture was molested shortly afterwards.

  6. She chewed on Winehouse’s corpse, and now it’s bleeding though.

  7. hoo ha

    kill it with fire!

  8. Who the hell is this guy?

  9. tlmck

    Based on her and Pam Anderson, I guess HepC does grow boobs.

  10. LadyLynna

    Denis Rodman is looking good.

  11. betty

    what a disaster. this chick stinks.

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