1. ChickenHawk

    “I see Death Eaters!”

  2. Total rip off of “The Lady in Red”. Hell, Hollywood has run out of ideas so they may as well make a movie for each color a lady could wear.

  3. Just swallow it, Potter.

  4. Cock Dr

    Was much cuter as a 4 eyed boy wizard.
    Maturity = pallid weirdface

  5. stucco

    I will shank the first one of you mother fuckers that call’s me potter.

  6. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Spell: Derpius Facieo

  7. I think he just realized The Woman In Black is no woman…

  8. The Brown Streak

    “Don’t you EVER call me Dumbledork again!”

  9. Bruce Banner

    Mr Maghee dont make me angry you wouldnt like me when Im angry.

  10. cc

    Call me Dildo Faggins again, mother fucker!

  11. Somethingoriginal

    He realises they already have an Edward, right?

  12. Swearin

    His agent just told him he never got profit percentage on the franchise during the last contract negotation

  13. FuManchu

    Accendio Erectus!

  14. that lightning bolt scar on his forehead has turned into one giant throbbing vein

  15. Bigalkie

    Flaming Meaux

  16. SIN

    Harry Potter you butt munchers!!! I am Harry fucking Potter!! Stop calling me Frodo!!

  17. pixigoil

    Anyone else see Elijah Wood?

  18. MoonBeam

    I see Daniel Craig in this.

  19. MarsFlash

    Aye, I see it too.

  20. Codot

    He looks like a young Bob Hoskins there.

  21. fattymcgee

    Brains… BRAINSSSSSS….

  22. haha!


  23. BruinsFan311

    That’s the face of a guy who gave up booze at much too early in life.

  24. squishy

    Still Fugly!!

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