1. Contusion

    Kendra Wilkinson, shown here at Irrelevant Beach.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    The best thing I can say about her is she would be the hottest woman in the WNBA.

  3. I completely forgot about her. Gee thanks for reminding me of this skank.

  4. So is this one of those movies where something mystical happens and she swaps bodies with Kid Rock?

  5. I haven’t seen her without a dick in her mouth in a long time (I’ve been watching her sex tape a lot).

  6. The Brown Streak

    Three hours later she gave up on finding out where all those kids found those painted seashells.

  7. Guess she picked the right time to sell that tape, huh?

  8. Put your finger over her face and neck, and this could just as easily be a picture of Fabio.

  9. cc

    Why she wants so badly to play in a peewee soccer league, I’ll never know.

  10. philio

    John Gosselin is gonna be pissed she’s at the beach, shouldn’t Kate be blogging about coupons or beating an asian kids ass

  11. Somethingoriginal

    A-Rod could work with this …

  12. Bigalkie

    Obviously a PR shot. This is the best one that they could come up with? In the words of Mr Rogers: Can you say Trailer Park?

  13. Sans tits, she could pass as a teenage boy.

  14. pixigoil

    Gahhh…in the icon I thought she was a dude. Chick fail!

  15. MoonBeam

    Holy Kevin Federline!

  16. Bloody Bitch

    She looks like a melting Justin Bieber.

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