1. dontkillthemessenger

    It’s impolite to point at the tits Kermey.

  2. Contusion

    how many Kardashians are there?

    • I don’t know but if this chick isn’t a Kuntrashian she better hurry and change her look because she’ll get sued.

      • sdfsd

        …difference being that this is this chicks natural look, whereas that fucking nobody Melissa Molinaro had her look completely altered just to look like Kim

      • bi chick

        Natural look? RU kidding me? False lashes, hair extensions, etc. puh-lease

    • Juaquin ingles

      Holy shit I thought it was Kim, especially on account of the veiny tits.

    • I always find the melissa Molinaro comments funny, especially when its trashing her. She’s basically had the same hair style for the last 10 years. I was peeping that girl ages ago when she did stuff for Sports By Brooks (this is 02, early 03) and its basically the same girl with updated style.

      Y’all need to stop hating.

  3. Hello

    “I may be a green frog lady, but my boner is pink and hangs to the left just ilke Ian Somerhalder. See? Can you see my pink boner?”

  4. DeucePickle

    I hope they fired the make-up artist that left those titty veins blue instead of doctoring them up green for the premiere.

  5. Cock Dr

    Miss Piggy is gonna wipe the floor with that booby bimbo.

  6. Those are huge boob veins; they’re like tree roots. I would climb that mighty oak!

  7. So it’s a safe bet where the puppeteer’s other hand is.

  8. Kermit was tired of the real thing and decided to go for something more “plasticky”

  9. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    One of these is a hollow headed puppet routinely manipulated by a man. The other is Kermit.

  10. Johnny P!

    Mahna-mahna indeed…

  11. Is that Kermit’s penis at attention?

  12. Who’d have guessed that Kermis dick is pink?

  13. it had to be said

    I thought she had ridiculous eyebrows and her left eye was wonky. Then I scrolled down and realized why nobody was commenting on those.

  14. The Pope

    I’ve stared at this picture for an hour and I still don’t see that frog that you’re talking about.

  15. Ur So Vein

    Kids let’s goto the Muppet premier, or as they say in london the giant titty show.

  16. MarkM

    Kermit: “Excuse me, Miss Salpa, but have you ever had a frog in your throat?”

  17. Five seconds later, from stage right: “HI-YAH!”

  18. Adam

    Finally, I don’t want to kill myself for being aroused.

  19. The Brown Streak

    They really shouldn’t have made the theme for the new Muppets movie to be “I Touch Myself” by the DiVinyls.

  20. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Q: What’s green and smells like faux-Kardashian?

    • Ur Kim Kardashian

      You’re REALLY upset that Kim Kardashian isn’t the only person on the planet with tits, Kim.

  21. Is that a fingernail on Kermit’s penis, or is just docking with the puppeteer?

  22. cc

    The puppeteer better get busy with his other hand.

  23. Knockers

    She kind of looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt, if Jennifer Love Hewitt would shut-up and whip her tits out.

  24. Statler and Waldorf double-teamed her backstage after the show.

  25. jake

    this is the real Khloe Kardashian–the other one was actually sasquatch who stole her identity

  26. Michael

    Big Brother is watching.

    Sorry, that’s all I got. :-P

  27. Sheppy

    Cracking norks. Freaky neck.

  28. Mike Walker

    I just discovered her a couple days ago… and haven’t stopped fapping.

  29. Swearin

    Oh c’mon, you gotta know Kermit doesn’t go that way; his best friend is a bear, he likes to put on musical numbers, and his favorite song is about rainbows…

  30. i cant decide who’s eyes are more fucked up

  31. Bigalkie

    Kermit is excited as he scores second prize in a ” whose face looks more cartoon-like” contest.

  32. Paddy

    She’s Irish and her boobs are real!

  33. MoonBeam

    She has the biggest Adam’s Apple I ever saw!

  34. APKFJK

    Its Georgia Salpa an Iris girl. She was on UK TV – Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother –

  35. Lionel Jackson

    I now have my very first puppet related boner, thank you internet. What do I do now? WHAT… DO I DO NOW? Where do I go from here? Are there any women that would like to shake their tits while doing puppetry currently online? Look at those big titties. All bending down right next to that puppet. Oh crap it’s for kids. Buddy if I can’t handle giant tits with a puppet what the fuck do you think a kid is going to do?

  36. eskwire

    Hi, ho!

  37. KC

    Not every part of Kermit is green.

  38. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    That girl is so vein, I bet she thinks this song is about her, she’s so vein

  39. fattymcgee

    “Georgia Salpa? More like, “Georgia Fapa! Am I right, fellas?” Damn it. That’s the last time I let Fozzy write my material. Woka, woka!

  40. chuck

    She tried to cover up her tits but it was in vain

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