1. EXHIBIT A – Roofies

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Twitter used to be for boobs… Now it’s for felony sexual assualt?

    (Don’t tell Adrianne Curry.)

  3. Wait, Rihanna posted a picture of Amber Rose on top of Side Show Bob?

  4. GET A ROOM! fer chrissakes….

  5. El Jefe

    I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job Photo Boy, but that is not Rihanna, it is her little brother on top of some chick.

  6. Siamese planking.

  7. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Back in plantation times this is what they had instead of a Roomba

  8. Diff’rent Strokes: A very special episode.

  9. squishy

    Ewwwwww Looks like someone’s little, ittty-bitty, brother riding her!!

  10. vgirl

    The new planking…. F-lanking.

  11. rantatonne

    I would have done the same thing if Rihanna was in the room at the exact moment i hit puberty.

  12. Bonky

    I’m guessing that Valtrex has come out with a new “Kidz” formula and nobody knows more about herpes than Rihanna.

  13. Craig Goralski


  14. kirby

    Unnamed black man: “I’m telling you: I used to get up all like this in Chris Brown. He always used to call my thing a “Rihanna Bannana’”".

  15. 911 Operator: 911, what is your emergency?
    Rihanna: Um, my name is Rihanna and Chris Brown just punched my grill.
    911 Operator: Ma’am, this line is for emergencies. *click.

  16. Pipedreamer

    I told you not to run, beyotch!

  17. Pierce Bronzetan

    What’s that phrase that means “to have an addicction, especially a drug addiction” again… I can’t quite remember…

  18. dooood

    ah, the wondrous beauty that is caribbean style courtship.

  19. james

    the boy looks 14

  20. She looked at his phone.

  21. That is one lucky young man!

  22. Nobody

    “God, we are so sympatico.”
    “Maybe next time, we can dry hump without our clothes on.”
    “I’m pretty sure I’d like that.”

  23. its about time that those make a wish foundation fuckers got it right

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