1. Jack Ketch

    Stupidest attention-getting photo – ever.

  2. Echo5

    Any yet, here we are.
    One of these days, jquery WILL be a function!

    • I too yearn for the day when jquery will be a function, respected and admired by all. Until then jquery will suffer admonishment and relegated to the corner with Coco’s ass, Kanye’s ego and Lindsey’s petri dish.

  3. “…so that’s how T likes to do it…”

  4. Double fisting all the way to the bank.

  5. Mama Pinkus

    Happy New Year Coco!! Love ya!

  6. NO.
    naked sink twerk-fisting isnt edgey, miley.

  7. Oprah Sucks


  8. “Hey, ladies, how many trailer trash gals does it take to clean a turkey?”

    “Clean it…??? We were just trying to get the innards put back in to the right spots.”

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