1. Man, she’s hanging in there longer than a Titanic survivor.

  2. ksmack

    I think i just saw the moment George became old. This photo. He looks old.

  3. Am I the only person in America who can’t stand this guy? He seems so smug and everyone else seems to find him charming besides me. I know he’s done good charitable work, but he seems so ego-maniacal.

  4. He looks like Hugh Heffner.

  5. Meh

    She’s a total butterface.

  6. hal85

    She’s not unattractive but she’s incredibly nondescript, isn’t she?

  7. a2

    oh no, he is turning into hugh hef. he looks sleazy, never thought it until this pic. i can see it now, he will have a new 20something on his arm in 3, 5, 7 and 9yrs. why cant he just settle with someone and be happy not look for all the young models

  8. Han Solo

    Nice wonk eye.

    I’ve seen her in person at work, nothing special. The girls in marketing and PR were hotter than her.

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