1. I guess there are perks to being Justin Timerlake…when I tried that my girlfriend slapped the beer can right off her head.

  2. Swearin

    “I’ve pulled that look off before, WITH a pirate mustache!” – David Beckham

  3. quacksmeup

    I didn’t know Lindsey Lohan was invited.

  4. quacksmeup

    Lindsey Lohan’s bald spot is getting progressively worse.

  5. cc

    I hate to be negative but did anyone else think his performance was ridiculously bad?

  6. i’ve never seen a single photo of justin timberlake that i haven’t lmao at the way he’s dressed.

  7. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Keep moving LiLo, you can keep the cup balanced, I know you can…….

  8. “Jesus Christ, you can’t get anything right. I said I wanted a beer AND a sandwich, and then a good blowjob!”

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