1. Deacon Jones

    They shouldve showed these puppies off more on “V”

    • Spazzz

      They are on show plenty in Homeland, plus it’s a much better show…unfortunately they are only about half the size.

  2. guttboy

    Mmmmmm, vascularity is usually a term reserved for body builders but hers is spectacular.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    I could spend a week between those tits and not get bored.

  4. Post pregnancy her boobs are just….WOW!

  5. anonymous


  6. No SAG detected…moderate veining though

  7. Hooray for MILF boobs!

    She was as flat as a ironing board, and look at her now!

    Pregnancy is the best… you know, before the kids show up.

  8. cc

    Very hard.

  9. Jaycee


  10. Ken

    She’s a captivatingly beautiful woman. Graceful, charming and lovely no matter the role she’s playing. She’s one of my favorite people of all time.

  11. Dr Plaid

    Those are some of the best mommy boobs ever. Lets hope she doesn’t win the SAG awards in about six months. Giggity!

  12. Son of Flubber

    I wanna declare Jihad on her lady parts! What up, Homeland?!

  13. redhead

    of course she’s hot, she’s brazilian

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