1. JC

    So she got stuck in a snow fence on the way there?

  2. Mohawk Disco

    What’s with the shave half your head thing and women?!

  3. anonymous

    I guess this is one way of getting out of those nude scenes on Game of Thrones. She must’ve been the one complaining about having to do them.

  4. Why do hot chicks hate being hot?

    • They want to be taken seriously, and they see their looks as an impediment to that. Thus, the self-uglification.

      • That’s a completely stupid reason, but I do believe you’re right. How is being attractive a detriment to your being taken seriously? If you had the talent, that would shine through.

      • anonymous

        There is some truth to that for actresses. Before Jennifer Lawrence came around, the one sure way for an actress to get awards is to be supermodel hot but gain 30lbs of ugly, pretend to be lesbian and/or a murderer.

  5. ChodaBoy

    I think the haircut is for the Hunger Games Mockingjay flick. She plays Cressida who has a funky hair cut like that.

  6. Man, somebody’s going to be pissed when they sit down in their patio chair later.

  7. cc

    She stole the cover of my blackberries.

  8. Son of Flubber

    Nope, I aint falling for it…this is the new Terminator model from the future. Run suckas!

  9. Mike Walker

    I need a piece of that stuff for the front of my CoolerMaster case.

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