1. Cock Dr


  2. Black and white pattern? Really? Now we know she reads this website.

  3. … What the hell is she doing there?
    Does her famewhoring truly knows no bond that she must force herself on kids?

    Think of the children! THE CHILDREN!!!!

  4. Walter Peck

    Where is a pride of lions when you need one?

  5. Did not know they let in pigs to award shows.

  6. It’s not like “Fattest Ass” is really a choice based award.

  7. If teenage girls want to idolize a thirty-something woman with a giant ass, they should just spend more time with their mom.

  8. buzz

    So that’s what a zonkey (Part ass/Part zebra) loos like.

  9. Fancy Face

    Why in the 9 hells is KK there?! She’s 100000 years too old. Unless she’s looking for a potential cash cow for North West, well then, carry on Mrs. Kardashian.

  10. MoreMariaNow!!

    This would have been a perfect time to nuke this place, it would probably help save billions of lives!!

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