1. prophet

    omg she(kim) looks so stupid…

  2. Nonnie Moose

    Mooooooove along, now. Nothing to see here.

  3. Cock Dr


  4. chris

    Now you’re seeing what the true Kimode looks like.

  5. Oh, hi Kim! What are you doing here? The 2013 MOOOvie awards are NEXT door! I hear you won the Lifetime Famewhore achievment award, as well as Most weight gained, Shortest fake celebrity marriage, and India’s Celebrity Sacred Cow!

  6. PJ Bandit

    Is it really you, Kim?! I had this nightmare where every time I looked into a mirror I turned into you. Until I thought I WAS you… *pinches Kim* …Phew!!!

  7. cc

    Interesting…you have to move your head left to right to see all of Kim.

  8. Jeff spicoli

    Kim: ” I only weigh 147 pounds!”
    Selena: ” Yeah right bitch!”

  9. Jeff Spicoli

    I only weigh 147pounds!
    Yeah right bitch!

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