1. The Japanese are making strides in those sex dolls but when I fuck one , it still feels like a dead clammy fish with no soul.

  2. Am I the only person who can’t stand Sarah Silverman? I don’t really think she’s funny at all… she’s really obnoxious and she looks like a dude.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    The tits say ‘Yes’ but the eyes say ‘Duhhh’.

  4. mike

    Admit it, you didn’t even know she HAD eyes before. Well played, Aubrey.

  5. She’s so over inflated it’s making her eyes pop.

  6. Why was she at the American Music Awards? Surely there were other sluts there to pass out wonk-titted blow jobs?

  7. Damn. She looks great.

  8. Stupid ass bitch…I dont care how much weight she looses…she still manages to show up, looking like a hooker. Signed, your father.

  9. richie

    lookin’ good AOD!!

  10. She looks hot, but those eyes, there is just nothing going on upstairs, is there?

  11. kaycee

    horrid eye lift and fillers. i will never understand why women think this will make them look better…

  12. Skeeter

    Honestly I thought she looked better when she was a little heavier. I’d still do her in the vag or anus though.

  13. Vladimir

    Why do her eyes have pubes?

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