1. USDA Prime McBeef

    no. face like a 14 year old. beiber tainted.

  2. kkk

    she’s hot but shouldn’t wear pink cause it makes her look like a little girl

  3. SIN

    Just how gay is USDA Prime McBeef?

  4. check her license first, then defile her.

  5. El Jefe

    Goddamn she is gorgeous. She seriously can’t do better than that Bieber chick?

  6. Beaver Underground

    Touched by the Canadian Lean Bacon?! No, thanks. I don’t want cooties.

  7. kimmykimkim

    Also, not into 12 year olds. Or pepto pink.

  8. She’s adorable! If she were still a minor, I’d say it should be illegal for her to be on this site!

  9. Visible Ink

    Still looks like a 12-14 year old girl. It’s creepy. Something’s seriously messed up with this girl. And not in a good, kinky sort of way.

  10. The state says it’s okay to fuck her, and I, being the law abiding citizen I am, will oblige.

  11. Galaor

    When she was a child, the lack of any visible muscle on her legs wasn’t weird. Right now she just looks like one of those creepy japanese rubber love dolls.

  12. Cardinal Fang

    I’d still nail the fence jumpin’ half of her.

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