1. DeucePickle

    Dear God !

    • cc

      Like my car collector friends used to say, she’s a 20. She looks good from 20 feet or at 20 miles an hour.

  2. Crissy

    Mutherfuker!!! WARNING: Do not zoom in if you want to keep the fantasy that she is flawless…

  3. The Kilted Yaksman

    Please, everybody who rags on Biel, post links to your girlfriends, so we may pass judgement upon them. Sadly, I think we would end up with many pictures of said poster’s right hands.

  4. tlmck

    Good thing the back does not match the front.

  5. The Pope

    Somebody just told her Olivia Munn is there.

  6. Khloeadriana


  7. She’s amazingly beautiful.

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