1. D-bo

    Michael pops a squat.

  2. ultraviolet72

    A painting of Michael masturbating fits in REAL well with one of him being taken to Heaven. Please…this guy is sick.

  3. Sheena

    The ‘back to black’ MJ pleasures himself in hell. Niiiiiiice.

  4. Put those on black velvet and I’m buying one. At least Michael remembered to cup the balls…..


  5. Miles Long

    Father, may I touch the young ones?

  6. HLM

    This one is just…ugh. Disgusting.

  7. BirdLeggz

    Lacey will clearly fail as an accepted artist but if he needs to make a quick buck, he could always sell this piece to Valtrex’s advertising team.

  8. superstar

    The second picture is a bit…uncomfortable

  9. What the FUCK?

    This is how you pay homage to a person’s death? I don’t know how anyone would find this picture comfortable to look at, much less comforting. This is the most retarded one of the bunch. Ugh.

  10. Wm. Norwood

    Was he thinking about all those wonderful sleep-overs he had; or was he thinking of that life-size cub-scout doll we all saw in his house

  11. Michelle

    Is MJ’s penis so big he needs 2 hands to cover it, not one? lol…i don’t understand what the artist is trying to say here. Always love MJ & Tupac, tho.

  12. Isabel

    Although I find the masturbation picture very disturbing, I can also see a meaning in it. Apart from his signature glove, he is completely naked in a pose which probably every human being has stroke at least once in their life, whether they like to admit it or not. It shows that no matter how his appearance has changed and no matter what status he had, he was still human. Masturbation is not only a way of achieving pleasure, it also requires loving and accepting the own body. I hope that Michael had reached that stage at one point in his life. It also shows me how old fashioned my views are, to still think of masturbation as something unpleasant in 2010. But what gets me the most is, that my picture of Michael is rather idealized than realistic. Michael never wanted to grow up and masturbation is a symbol of growing into an adult by exploring the new body. Thinking of Michael in any form of sexual activity takes a big piece of his never ending childhood away. If Michael saw this picture, he would probably not feel so bad about it because he loved art and I’m sure that he learned to see and accept himself as an adult some time ago. Having children of his own was the biggest statement he could have made, to confirm that he finally enjoys adulthood or at least the biggest part of it. He took the responsibility of raising his children very serious and he matured with them because he couldn’t have done such a great job if he had not accepted himself as their parent rather than just their play mate. I see the masturbation picture as a statement of Michael, rising into an adult and anyone who sees something wrong with that or sees it as some perversion, should seriously begin to question their stuck up views, just like I did.

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