1. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “Teen Mom” means she’s the mom of a teen, right?
    Chick looks at least 35.

  2. Amy

    Sodomy beat me to it. But…Teen!?!? She looks 50.

  3. Knower to Everything

    White people, especially tanned ones, tend to look older than their age, but she seems like such a sweetheart, and her smile makes her look great. Plus her daughters look so adorable with the caterpillar arms and legs!

  4. So, does MTV just do the breast implants right there in the studio now, or do they have some kind of voucher book where they bought 20 from a local clinic for the price of 18?

  5. Maeby

    girlfriend got a full tummy tuck also, you can see the scars. C-section scars don’t go from hip to hip.

    • babbymama

      actually thats a scar from getting her appendix removed if you look at all the pictures you can see where her c section scar is and that is a totally different area i have the same thing i have both a c section scar and appendix scar plus tummy tuck scar wouldnt be that big and ugly

  6. Ali

    She looks like helen hunt.

  7. Laura

    Hey all =) I would like to say that I don’t at all agree on the statistics of teen maerragis. (I do agree with the statistics of pregnant teens –getting married though, it’s sad). I say this because I beleive that even if you get married at 16…if you have God in the center of your relationship –only because of God’s grace…you WILL have a successfull marriage if you follow the Lord’s leading. (Personal experience Let me tell you my succsess story…all glory goes to God yall! Okay, (To make a long sotry shorter)…so I got engaged to my now Husband when I was 17, he was 17 as well. Prior to that…we started slowly out as just friends…than good friends…than best friends…then boyfriend and girlfriend…than engaged…than married I was just friends w/ him for about two or three years or so before we started dating, then we were engaged for about 1 year, and now we have been happily married for almost 2 years, sure there has been challenges, but we know that through Christ we can do all things, and we did, and we still and forever will lean upon Him for gudience daily. Four months after the wedding my Husband and I became pregnant, and then around week 9 found out we were miscarrying. We still have no children yet, anyway…rewind a little here…okay so, When I was just 15 years old (my Husband and I are both 20 now)…I prayed with my daddy I said, “Daddy, I had a lot of bad relationships in the past with boys, I don’t want my heart broke again…I want a good strong-Christian boyfriend…” Dad: “Alright sweetheart, how about we go ahead and pray that God will send you that someone? He knows the desires of your heart sweety.” Me: “alright”…So basically my dad prayed that God would send my way a good strong-Christian friend/boyfriend…that was everything I desired. Going about the situation in this way is called courting. Courting and dating are two different things. Courting is praying, and asking God to send you the person you are to marry…dating is just getting together, breaking up, getting together, breaking up, getting togeth….” ” ” etc.So (no lie)…about 2 short weeks later, I went to Church one night…and I noticed this handsome looking fellow, but I thought he was probably really young he just didn’t seem my age at the time. So I took my focus off him for a minute and started walking away…then automatically I heard him speak…and I was like, “Wow…he must be my age…or older because no 12 year old would have a voice that deep” LOL! I seriously thought he was 12. SO I met my now Husband in Church…prayed that God would send him my way and he sure did…over the years Jon and I did ministry work together, such as drama, and worship leading. It seemed like ministry is what drew us together…we both loved it! And it helped build our friendship. I knew this guy was different. I never met anyone like him before. My Husband has a strong call on his life…when we were just dating, and engaged I used to go hear him preach alot, that was one of his BIG passions (okay, basically his life –and still isWhen my Husband was 17 he got ordained as a Southern Baptist Minister, at 18 he took his first missions trip to the UK for several months before we got married…when he came back from that –shortly afterward we started planning our wedding, we got married at 18, focused only on eachother for the first year of marriage, then we turned 19…more and more doors started opening up for ministry opportunities for not just my Husband, but again…for the both of us now…at 20 years old He just recently got his very first Church. He is now a Pastor of a wonderful Church with wonderful people, and we are both very excited to see where God is going to take us…Friends,In our marriage the word, “divorce”, doesn’t exsist. When you’ve got God as the center of your marriage…it’s like glue…Christ will hold everything together. “Well Tina, just wait a couple years…wait till’ kids come along…” You come ask me when I’m 80…and I’ll tell you our marriage has never been better.“More than 60% of teenage maerragis fail within 5 years…”…By God’s grace, I can confidently say…that we are not a part of this number. Nor will we ever be, for we are firmly standing on the solid rock –Christ, our precious Lord.God Bless

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