1. Hank E. Ring

    Naturally beautiful… the ocean that is.

  2. MM

    Should got a whole lot of lipo while she was there…

  3. angerinside

    After giving birth, it returned to the ocean, where the sillicone leaked out and ironically, killed the freshly laid offspring. Sometimes Nature is just a bitch that way,

  4. judd

    Nice prison tats…fat ass!!

  5. j/k

    Is this from the Teen Mom/Jersey Shore crossover?

  6. Heard about all the “free stuff” from the Japanese tsunami.

  7. Mitch

    I wouldn’t fuck that with Ashton Kucher’s dick.

  8. CIDM

    why why why did she get a great big huge fly tattooed on her back ???

  9. Siloporcen7

    “There’s a whole lotta reality impacting here” –Pedro Carmichael

  10. Master Bates

    What the hell is on her back? Scourge scars?

  11. aj

    FAT FAT FAT she has no business in a small revealing suit. put on a big coat

  12. YIKES


  13. Lola

    What a hot mess. Clearly she does not own amirror!

  14. Right on

    She’s sexy and you know it! Check cankels out!!! The vomit is burning my throat

  15. Dr. Ike

    I would consider allowing her to wipe my butt for me on a slow day but that’s about it.

  16. Brit Tit Lover

    cracks me up that she is so gorgeous and all the haters act like she isnt twice as good looking as your girlfriends

  17. richie

    Oh, hi Miss Shapin.

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