1. maeby

    You’re supposed to wait a few weeks so they can “settle down” and look more natural. That includes massaging them and such. Wearing an underwire already is going to make them stay super high like that. What an idiot.

  2. TaT

    Girls like this irk me. She’s one of those “I’m young I can wear a bikini”. No you can’t, it looks gross. Find a nice One piece for your body type.

  3. mythoughts

    :| — her doctor didnt tell her no underwire for 6months, no salt water, etc?? she is so dumb.

    why dont you spend the money on the kid you hate instead of your ugly ass self

  4. Natalie

    THOSE should be wrapped and tightly compressed for a few weeks, why is she letting it all out so fast, shes gonna make herself deformed cause they wont heal right.

  5. KimmyGabbler

    thank god, i was waiting for some Snooki pregnancy photos.

  6. g33k

    Looks like she got the gut to match.

  7. Ben Dover

    WTF did they implant a fat ass, gut and thighs too?
    she looks 30 pounds heaver than the before photos

  8. cc

    The one and only Superficial post where not a single reader will hit the ‘View Full Size’ or ‘Zoom’ buttons.

  9. Now she needs to jump on a treadmill.

  10. mommylisa

    so sad that she thinks those things look better than her before, her body was beautiful before.

  11. ....

    trailer park queen!

  12. Grand Poobah

    gotta say it, nobody else has.. WHALE ON THE BEACH

  13. Kannon

    I’d hit it…With a fucking baseball bat.

  14. YeahYeah

    None of the teen moms piss me off more than this sack of crap …hooking up with drug-addled losers and always giving them “one more chance”; constantly having epiphanies where she realises the error of her ways as she is super intelligent, you guys; neglecting her kid in favor of drugs and loser boyfriends; and just the way that she is just basically a drain on society, blaming her shit on everyone else. Yeah her mother is a raving lunatic but hey, maybe I can see how she got that way…

  15. Xtal

    What on earth did that girl do to her eyebrows?

  16. Awkward Girl Comment

    So this is what a troll doll would look like in a bikini…

  17. Who paid for those things??? Medicaid????

  18. You can puts tits on a turd……

  19. Brass monkey, that chunky monkey.

  20. Boing

    nice dick.

  21. Rocki

    Lmao seriously? This the funniest shit ever! You been with this guy for five months on and off and decide to get engaged?! Oh this marriage is going to be awesome! *Sarcasm* lmao NOT you guys cant even last 5 months without breaking ip so wtf makes you think you can last in a marriage? Lmao dumbass need to be worrying about her son instead of dating all these useless guys!

  22. DeucePickle

    At least there are 40 pictures of this

  23. Edvard Munch

    Who fucks this?

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