1. They shoot A LOT of porn in Miami. She should really put some thought behind this.

  2. Dingus

    I’d put a baby in that…farrah that is…

  3. “No, mum, these feel weird. You need to get a refund.”

  4. DC

    You’re a liar if you say you wouldn’t hit it. That’s why you can turn the lights off. Her body is nice, fake tits aside.

  5. TomFrank

    “Mommy, your boobie feels like that melon we had for breakfast at the hotel that time. Remember, Mommy? I said why don’t we have this melon at home, and you said it was only for fancy people, and I cried and cried.”

  6. kilroypoy

    Ya i would totally “accidentally” forget to pull out with this girl

  7. kilroypoy

    I wanna nut in this rude bitches mouth sooooo bad

  8. Madcow

    I’d tongue-punch her fartbox.

  9. Kristin

    Hot but her stomach got that ethiopian thing goin on?

  10. Rob

    Abraham Lincoln has a prettier face than Farrah Abraham.

  11. josh

    wanna make more babies?

  12. Abhi

    the baby sure knows how to have fun…in most of the photos here the baby is almost groping Farrah’s tits..

  13. Bob Saget

    I’d impregnate that.

  14. Sarah

    she needs a bag on her head!

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