1. “Yeah, if you put your breasts on display like this, guys’ll totally line up for you. You’ll have song material for years.”

  2. Christ, that’s a stunning contrast – look how much the models hips are despite them being roughly the same height and body type. It’s a good six inches difference.

  3. Doughnut bumping. Just before impact, apparently

  4. Jay Chi

    “Why, yes! Our legs are long enough for scissoring! Your dressing room or mine?”

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if they just started making out?

  6. “Taylor, I am the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Just put out. You’ll be so much happier. And the wang-judging songs? Honey, you’ll need a second beach house just for the Grammys.”

  7. LLBL

    “Bitch, take those shoes off! Do you know who I am?!”

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