1. Inner Retard

    Cheap, trashy, and possibly post-op. Currently Bieber can fuck/buy any woman he wants… and that’s what he went for! That says it all.

    • An old friend of mine runs a high end VIP security service. You’d be surprised what the glamorous and amorous want to fuck on the regular.

      It’s sort of endearing actually.

  2. IMO I don’t think he went for that but in the sense we get so wasted even a pig ,goat or Tranny with a 5 ‘O clock shadow seems fuckable. STILL A VIRGIN.

  3. Phuqueue

    Post-op?? No way!! I hear his nickname is “Tuck”!!

  4. This bimbo calling herself a “model” is like a a porn chick calling herself an “actress”.

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