1. The front is a lot better, but still not good. Why did she do this to herself?

    • Dox

      Because she has body issues, and a seriously misconstrued perception of beauty that has been fueled by a massive marketing of unrealistic expectations by corporations, media, movies, music, and television, culminating into a desperate attempt to force herself into a vision of what she believes beauty is, even though it may be uncannily dangerous to her health and psyche….

      Oh wait… did you want a serious answer, or should I make funny shit up?

      • But, she was already so beautiful. When I first saw her in American Pie, she was stunning. Fucking sad.

      • Dox

        Rarely do we see ourselves as we are.
        Most often, we are our own worst critics. Focusing on every flaw, every imperfection, often times failing to realize… it is those very imperfections that often times make us so uniquely beautiful.

        My… I am in a philosophical mood today.

      • Her ass isn’t one of those “often times”. Its revolting, like your answer.

      • Martin

        ok yea what he said

      • I was just going to say exactly that. This poor thing has struggled so much with body image issues. Her body is the result of starvation and a lack of nutrition. I am always up for mocking celebrities, but I really feel like posting these images isn’t cool. She’s not well.

      • Deacon Jones

        One word – Alcoholism

        And no, I’m not talking about “alcoholism”, as in my parents telling me I have a problem because I can drink Scotch like its lemonade.

        Im talking full blown alcoholism, the hardcore shit where they dont eat for days because they are ingesting vodka and gatorade and dont want to “sober up” by eating anything.

  2. stinkfinger

    She looks great for 65.

  3. I expect to look better than this at 70…and I don’t even think I’ll live that long

  4. mike

    On the set of “American Pie”, late 1998:

    “So, Alyson, you do all the witch stuff on ‘Buffy’… do you know if any of that’s real?”

    “I dunno, Mena. Why?”

    “Well, I mean… if one of us wanted to still be hot fifteen years from now… and the other one wanted to be still vaguely relevant… we’d have to find something to, like… sacrifice, right?”

  5. Twink

    Needs to get to the gym and get some muscle on that body, it can be done look at Christina A.

  6. Brit

    Oh, magnificent sea of the West Coast, I beseech thee to unleash your powers and bring forth a tornado of great force containing sharks that will eat a woman in one bite.

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