1. Balls Mcgee

    She is not human.

  2. coljack

    “I don’t care if she’s a grandmother, I’d still.”

    “Dude, I don’t care if she’s MY grandmother…”

  3. She really is a vampire. I’ve got something she can suck on right here.

  4. This is fucked up, she has looked better than every single woman in this slideshow so far. What in the hell?

  5. This is the perfect woman. Sexy as hell and impossible to impregnate.

  6. Eric

    She was 38 when Kate Upton was born.

  7. dennis

    THIS is what an SI model’s template should be. But there can’t be many other vampiresses willing to go out into the sun.

  8. wut

    that woman is almost 60. wtf

  9. absolute perfection.

  10. Cock Dr

    There might be supernatural powers at work here.

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