1. TAB

    The smallest feature on this twat is her facial lips..sadly she is 20 something years old and looks like a brown turd! Christ when I was in my 20′s I was damn proud of my body and looked fuckin’ good! My body belonged in a man wants to see Dooki in a bikini and shouldn’t be subjected to it either!

  2. Drew

    Honestly America.. can’t we do better than this? I mean, this person has a multi-million dollar contract with MTV to keep doing that ridiculous reality show?? This person is a “star?” Someone who goes to the Emmy’s and walks the red carpet? What have we come to??? Enough already… let’s see… qualities of “stars” seem to include a) being an idot b) getting paid to be an idiot c) acting out like a teenager (or a trip-hopping mini Paris Hilton plussed-up 80 pounds and d) being an idiot. Honestly… stop the madness!

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