1. Gene

    The definition of ugly on two stubby little legs.

  2. joe blow

    Wow… I ‘ve never seen a manatee walk upright… or get arrested for that matter….

  3. Who ?

    What is her talent?

  4. Steven Ketro

    I think that The Superficial is missing some upskirt Snooki action in this photo.

  5. Chris

    poor thing

  6. Dirtbag#1

    There’s really nothing more funny than an overweight and undersized swamp doggie beer bonging Pepsi by herself.

    I don’t like to throw the word “hero” around that much, but……

  7. Compound9

    Someone get my harpoon this beast is beached.

    There is nothing attractive about her personality and there sure as hell is nothing even remotely attractive about her body.

    Save our children, Let Mel Gibson try to shoot an apple off the top of her head.

  8. HLM

    I love her slack jawed expression in every picture.

    And someone should have suspected she was too drunk to leave the house when she put the dustmops on her feet.

  9. oh my...

    …you can see her vagina. O__O

  10. DarkDeathRay

    Looks like every other drunken indian squa from the Reserve. And why is she famous again…?

  11. Jamie

    What an ugly nasty looking whore. Is there anyone I can pay to just deprive her of air for a couple of days?

  12. A

    She gets the death penalty now, right?

  13. Vito

    This is a three-count citation. She was arrested for being:
    1. Fat
    2. Drunk and

    She’s lucky they didn’t also cite her for simply being a loud-mouthed cunt.

  14. Audrey Jo

    CAPTAIN CAVEMANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. tom

    free willy!

  16. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier

    She is very beautiful.

  17. electrolady

    moby dick has a vagina?

  18. welldoneson

    This broad is absolutely fucking disgusting and I HATE TV for putting her image in our faces! Good lord what a cow!

  19. Compound9

    @Audrey Jo.

    OMG thank you. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but if you put a club in her hand, you pegged it!

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