1. Nom

    Mmmmm I’d so totally do her, bet she’d be awesome in bed!!

  2. burton


    you must be on crack, that woman is so gross and short and fat…all you would hear is complaining from her “i cant breathe your chest hairs are in my mouth”…too short and fat.

  3. AA

    I would have given $100 for someone to come up behind her and give her an epic falcon punch right in that cesspool she calls a vagina

  4. Nom

    haha I’m just horny that’s all.. come on she’s not that bad!!

  5. Roxy

    You’re doing it wrong, Snooks. Arm and leg are opposite one another.

  6. NomNom

    Yeah, Roxy’s right, she’s doing it wrong. It’s also necessary to maintain neutral spinal posture while doing the Bird Dog (pic 2)

  7. Jim

    what a pig

  8. evil bill

    the haters are great, is there something wrong with a short thick chick? I think other than the face she’s pretty hot

  9. amberea

    wow evil bill is right there is nothinginh wrong wrong with a short thick chick…im 22 and im only 4″9…but im not a thick(well i am now but thats only cause im 6 month preg.)but stop hating on her…most italian women are short…all the women in my family is

  10. Rick's Daddy


  11. Ann

    I heard that she’s not Italian, she was adopted. Her roots are from Chile, I believe.

  12. yep

    What Ann wrote is correct. Snooki is Chilean.

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