Mac Gained 50 Lbs. For ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Just to Be Funny

By: The Superficial / June 28, 2011
Can we stop pretending he isn't Haley Joel Osmont yet? No? Oh, alright... *kicks can* Apparently there've been some complaints about the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia looking too skinny because people don't understand that everyone in LA does absolutely nothing but workout and think of new ways to make jeans tighter. So,… More »

Pat Robertson: ‘Gay Marriage Will Lead to Angel Rape’

By: The Superficial / June 28, 2011
.... Okay, maybe. When we last left Pat Robertson he was a pot-smoking hippie calling for the legalization of marijuana. Six months of adjusting his medication later, he's back to the old Pat we all know and love. This time around he's seeing David Tyree's anarchy talk and raising him angel rape. More »

Leopards Are Extinct Now and Other News

By: Photo Boy / June 28, 2011
Posted by Photo Boy - Anna Paquin is cool with her husband Stephen Moyer biting fans' tits which proves marriage can work after all. [Celebslam] - Ben Affleck is directing himself again. [Huffington Post] - Jake Gyllenhaall was seen talking to Olivia Wilde. More »

Christina Aguilera’s Butt is All Natural

By: The Superficial / June 24, 2011
In this day and age of Brazilian butt infusions, or whatever the hell I just learned Kim Kardashian probably has, it's refreshing to find celebrities who still grow their gigantic asses the natural way. So, here's to you, Christina Aguilera, for daring to be an individual and ironically wearing yoga pants. More »

Amber Rose’s Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The.. Milkshakes

By: The Superficial / June 24, 2011
DAD: Alright, kids, everyone in the car. It's time for milkshakes named after a bald woman Kanye West used to have sex with. Probably in the anus! KIDS: Oh, boy! (I will never understand this place.) Photo: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN… More »

Lindsay Lohan Dodges Jail, Failed Alcohol Test She Didn’t Have To Take? WTF?

By: The Superficial / June 23, 2011
If you were expecting some sort of wacky legal scenario that prevents Lindsay Lohan from leaving the comfort of her house arrest after failing an alcohol test, you're going to love this post. Turns out Lindsay really wasn't required to take one after all, just drug tests [Ed. Not even those.],… More »

Pippa Middleton’s ‘Butt’ Will Tide You Over

By: The Superficial / June 23, 2011
While we wait for the results of Lindsay Lohan's probation hearing, here's Pippa Middleton in a tight dress which I'm entirely posting to attract European readers and show them how we handle celebrity justice here in the colonies. Which is we don't. We don't do anything. One of them eve… More »

Chris Brown Loves The Gays

By: The Superficial / June 23, 2011
"Damn, I'mma need a bigger door for this one. There a van around here?" Yesterday, Chris Brown illegally parked his car, yet managed to talk his way out of a ticket because punishing celebrities in LA is apparently against the law. But before the officer showed up, Chris accused the paparazzi of… More »

Amber Rose is.. Sporty? and Other News

By: Photo Boy / June 23, 2011
Posted by Photo Boy - Courtney Love must be broke again. [Huffington Post] - Pink is apparently more comfortable with European tabloids. [Dlisted] - Ashlee Simpson is banging Lucky Luciano from Boardwalk Empire. [Lainey Gossip] - Holly… More »

Avril Lavigne in a Bikini

By: The Superficial / June 23, 2011
I've honestly never seen the appeal of Avril Lavigne, so you'd just assume seeing her in a bikini and rubbing her "chest" in another chick's face might persuade me to reconsider that stance. It didn't. So, here she is in St. Tropez yesterday where I'm almost positive she lured this boat… More »

Lindsay Lohan Fails Alcohol Test, Goes Diva on Matt Lauer

By: The Superficial / June 23, 2011
Despite reports to the contrary, Lindsay Lohan actually is subject to alcohol tests while on house arrest because she just failed one which is really the only plausible ending to her telling Life & Style there's no booze in her house. So, of course, she's due back in court… More »

I Don’t Even Know Miley Cyrus Anymore

By: The Superficial / June 22, 2011
A long time ago, Miley Cyrus used to be a budding young artist who always performed her own vagina diddles. But apparently she pays backup dancers to do it now because she's "Hollywood," to which I say, what the fuck, Miley? It supposed to be about the diddles! I hate… More »

Lindsay Lohan is Giving Exclusive Interviews During Her House Arrest

By: The Superficial / June 22, 2011
In between parties, shooting commercials, trying to escape and making bikini movies, Lindsay Lohan somehow found time to indulge Life & Style with an interview about how really, really hard house arrest is, and that it's taught her a lesson. For real this 18th time. On the… More »

Steve-O is The Voice of Reason?

By: The Superficial / June 21, 2011
As the world wraps its head around Jackass star Ryan Dunn wrapping his Porsche around a tree, killing himself and passenger Zachary Hartwell, who we now know was a former Navy SEAL and Iraq war vet, Steve-O, who everyone just assumed and quietly hoped would be the first "Jackass" to… More »

Paris Hilton Got Dumped Again

By: The Superficial / June 21, 2011
And now for some feel good news. Cy Waits has apparently kicked Paris Hilton to the curb, according to Us Magazine: "They are broken up," one pal tells Us of Hilton, 30, and Vegas club owner Waits. "It's sad, she cares about him a lot… More »

Cameron Diaz Will Eat Your Children and Other News

By: Photo Boy / June 21, 2011
Posted by Photo Boy - Rob Zombie's Woolite commercial. You just read that. [Videogum] - James Blunt is this week's fuel for inane Internet angst Tracy Morgan. [Huffington Post] - Leonardo DiCaprio continues his worldwide tour of Blake Lively's vagina. [… More »

Bam Margera is a Little Bitch

By: The Superficial / June 21, 2011
Here's what we know about Ryan Dunn's death: 1. He was drinking. Heavily. 2. He got behind the wheel of a Porsche with a passenger in the car. 3. He drove at speeds believed to be around 100 mph down a rural Pennsylvania road. More »

Maple Christ’s Son Will Not Go Hungry,
He Checked

By: The Superficial / June 21, 2011
In the midst of all the bikinis, drunk drivers, merkins and areolae yesterday, I completely missed Justin Bieber staring directly into Selena Gomez's cleavage at the Much Music Awards Sunday night and making a face that clearly says, "Golly wilikers, those sure got big!" So,… More »

Game of Bimbos: A Clash of Gold-Diggers

By: The Superficial / June 20, 2011
Crystal Harris was supposed to marry Hugh Hefner on Saturday, yet broke off the wedding earlier in the week to make a quick buck, so of course, she immediately used her new "celebrity" status as Hugh's runaway bride to help Heidi Montag host a pool party… More »

Lady Gaga Wears a Blue Merkin Now, Of Course

By: The Superficial / June 20, 2011
And now back to the important news. Lady Gaga performed at the Much Music Awards last night and demonstrated her keen, almost genius attention to detail by making sure the massive pubic wig sticking out of her pants matched her hair color. Had it been red, I'd think we can all agree… More »

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