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James Cameron Has Manbeef With Wonder Woman

The guy who remade Pocahontas with blue aliens that bang each other with ponytails is calling Wonder Woman “a step backwards for Hollywood.” More »

Ana Braga Charming a Sarlacc

This is what I like to imagine everyone who opens up a package from looks like before their crystal gets permanently lodged inside their yoni. More »

There Is An Emoji War Between Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift (Kill Me)

“[emoji] War is what happens when language fails.” Margaret Atwood More »

Tom Cruise’s Fake Butt Puts Kim To Shame

Daaamnnn mira ese culo, Katie Holmes! More »

Grab A Bucket: It’s Phoebe Price and Angelique Morgan

These two go together like chili dogs and mountain dew code red on the 4th of July… they’re true American treasures. More »

Someone Find Mariah Carey’s Push-Cart, She’s Gotta Go

I get the sense that Mariah’s PR team is seeing an expiration date and pushing her as much as they can before she turns into a diamond-encrusted pumpkin. More »

I Guess Victoria Justice’s Cleavage Got Hacked Too

I like to imagine that the hackers that got to Victoria Justice’s Twitter are the ones that hang out in a big warehouse full of blinky shit drinking neon milkshakes and playing arcade games… basically they live at Dave N’ Busters. More »

The New Blade Runner Trailer Looks Rad

Just take my money already, jeeeezz! More »

Khloe Terae and Kennedy Summers Doing Bikini Things

Also someone at USC can’t spell, Marky Mark makes more money than The Rock now, and Katy Perry refuses to admit she’s still riding the ‘Bloomstick’. More »

Tommy Lee And His GF Bang Everywhere? No Way!

This is Tommy Lee we’re talking about here, is anyone that surprised? More »

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