1. Goddamn it! Someone photoshopped some dude’s head on my body again!?!?!?!

  2. vgrly

    Sex on a stick.

  3. lily

    nice body

  4. KV

    OMG !! They’re both so hot ! Real man candy. I want some !

  5. Michelle


  6. Juju

    I wouldn’t mind playing his didgeridoo. Or throwing his boomerang. Or whatever they call it down there in Oz.

  7. Pervydoll

    My wet dream is me slapping his ass and send him to go make me a goddam sandwich, whore!

  8. jeffiner

    jesus h, christ. how much penis does he have in those shorts?!

  9. nope

    My wet dream is him slapping my ass while fucking me hard and calling me a whore.

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