1. CashPaid

    Hello! Welcome to Morty’s fine Jewellery… Can I interest you in a lovely broach, or perhaps this diamond encrusted pendant?

  2. Biff

    This dude reminds me of a sick fucking Jew. Get lost douchebag.

  3. abc123

    seriously looks like pubes on his face…

  4. Mikeeee

    Is he gonna play Serj Tankian in some movie?

  5. Ismaaciil

    i tasted it it didnt taste good i think it was becuz ienstad of regular popcorn, chip, pickle, and resses i ate it wit dill pickle, barbercle chip, carmel popcorn, and dark chocolate wit peanutbutter

  6. He kind of looks like one of those characters in “Team America”….kinda sorta……

  7. meeps!

    Shia LaDouche…

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