1. Jayz

    Selena hurry up and get it over with the “transition”

  2. jkc

    She’s got pantyhose on. You can’t see anything, no matter how hard you try.

  3. Boo, Fish, booooo!

  4. poop

    cant someone tell me where to get stockings like these?

  5. anonym

    and again, you still can’t see anything.
    Call me when you see the beef curtains

  6. madonna's Testicles

    People who pay to watch this garbage need to get their head checked. Kill yourselves.

  7. Teddy

    I think she is passing gas after eating a 6 pack of spicey tacos

  8. Clambo

    Jam out with her clam out.

  9. fusjhrknx

    That’s called a Photoshop Malfunction

  10. Jenn

    Vag and pantyhose seams. I’m sure this is bringing back somebody’s drunken prom night groping memories.

  11. Admiral Crunch

    I say we bring in Richard Hoagland to analyze the image. There might be some alien artifacts up in there.

  12. Her Legs look immaculate!
    Alluring Pantyhose also saving her from a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.


  13. Josh

    Only Grandmas wear panty hose! WTF whatever your name is or was!?

  14. Herman Bumfudle

    hi beautiful.

  15. Bearandbu

    Time to shave honey

  16. Brozillian

    Hairy Sweet!

    Now please Superficial, raise up the max resolutions of your pictures to 3 Megapixels, please!

  17. Honeedu

    Gurl you must have been too stoned to shave that twat this morning….FREE those roast beef curtains !!! I bet she’s one Hot Pepper when she gets her freak on!

  18. McBubbleson

    Where are people seeing any hair? There is nothing to see…it’s just pantyhose. You all are acting like we got Borat up there in a thong or something.

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