1. Cock Dr

    She looks great.
    I wonder if her Canadian boy toy has any skills at all in the bed chamber, or if he just jumps on & pops after a minute like a typical overheated teenaged male.
    Eventually she will tell us. Just wait.

  2. chupacabra


  3. chris

    so beautifull wow!!!!!

  4. tai

    she has a beauitifull body

  5. chris

    the most beauitfull woman ever hands down

  6. Uwe

    Do you really call tha topless???

  7. fuck

    aw justine had the plesure ,cause he made love to it

  8. cc

    That fucking tag.

  9. Bob

    I probably should go tuck that in for her. She’d hate for it to leave a weird suntan mark.

  10. Reuben Hall

    If I could have the pick of any girl in the world it would be her, Selena Gomez is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, she is so hot, im so jealous of justin

  11. katie23

    you guys are all horndogs

    • like………women aren’t ….too when it comes to attractive men ….yeah ok-y.
      and i enjoy attractive Males….ONLY attractive Males………
      so you can’t tell me i play both sides of the Fence ….and i Observe and watch Ya’ll ALL THE F**KING same….Lmaoo

  12. Anonymous

    Hell yeah! High five!

  13. Riley

    Umm, you could see her butt…..

  14. Melvin

    Selena Gomez makes my wee-wee feel funny.

  15. mike

    selena you are so gorgeous beautiful body so hot and very sexy and a face i would love wake up to for the rest of my life i’d marry you in a heart beat beautiful i a gree if i had any girl in the world it would be her i’m jealous of justin to i love you selena gomez

  16. Justin Case

    Wish I was sticking out of her ass

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