1. neo

    She is a walking poster child for “Pedos Unite” league.

  2. Codot

    She’s certainly got that “abused spouse” look going strong!

  3. Video Bastard

    Fresh from the Miley Cyrus “Ride me like a spoiled redneck filly, daddy!” fashion line.

  4. YEs

    Wash trash stupid looks good on her.

  5. SIN

    You guys do know she is dress in character for a movie. right?

  6. Joe Blow

    Camel Toe, right ahead!!!!!!

  7. anonymous

    They should stop feeding this dog. That camel toe is forming into a gunt.

  8. Skeeter

    I bet Selena likes a guy to put 2-3 fingers up her ass while banging her from behind. She seems like a good girl who would be wild in the sack.

  9. javier

    i think that she is so hot i want to have sex with her

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