1. she’s pulling a “young Madonna doing bullshit” act to catapult her skanky ass up and become some sort of an icon… Except people are starting to feel sorry for her.

  2. Melted Fist

    This person is starting to extremely annoy me!

  3. She is the saltpeter of pop music culture.

  4. She should just do porn already. You can tell she SOOOOO wants to be naked

  5. Heheh, that dude looks like he has a boob.

  6. Gan. man u

    No matter what just enjoy her semi nude pic
    As soon as possible we will watch her porn video

  7. uhhuh

    someone needs to hook her up with Beiber, maybe they will cancel each other out….

  8. Cmndr_Bytes

    Ohhh I get it…the wrecking ball is a metaphor for what she is doing to her liiiife. Well played.

  9. Basehead

    Just do a porn already you ho!

  10. JewBot

    She’s so wreckless! HAHAHAH! …sigh…

  11. carla

    This is her new logo after the VMA’s and the Wrecking Ball video. lol

  12. jamej

    Natalie imbruglia – Torn, go watch that music video and see how to be sexy with clothes on.

  13. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    All she needs is a beard and curlier hair, dyed black and her transformation to Billy Ray Cyrus is complete.

  14. The whole wrecking ball things makes sense. She’s wrecking her career and making herself into a train wreck. Miley, just go do porn already and give yourself a break. Not that I would watch her in a porno since she is too hard to look at now.

  15. mimcai

    She is messing up with her life. Wrecking it!!!!!Just stop the naked thing. What if kids saw these? That would not be good!!!!!!!1

  16. mimi's husband

    STOP BEING CRAZY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!f**k!!!!!!

  17. sillycon

    I just want her to use that tongue properly and lick my asshole clean already!! quit that teasin’ Gurl !!

  18. Nadlley

    She have a good song but she doesn’t have a good boobs-kinda flat boobs, flat ass and flat body-shape. she also have the flat brain.

  19. its sad that she swears that this is all helping her carrier! she has no body, no boobs, and that tongue always sticking out, its ridiculous thats now how a woman should behave and she is the worse example for a roll model, i would never let my nieces watch this garbage, listen to any of her songs or videos. i do nothing to promote this piece of garbage! her carrier should be over real soon watch!

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