1. Anni Christ

    You were kidding when you said she looked good in a bikini, right?

  2. birdie

    The funny thing is these are staged pics and she thinks she is hot stuff.

  3. So she gets all buff for The Avengers, then the day the movie wraps, face first into Little Caesars.

    Still looks good though, for an average chick on the beach.

  4. bullets

    Robin Wright looks better

  5. narddog

    taco bell for dinner, eh?

  6. joe

    She is beautiful. Our society is going crazy if they think this girls isn’t pretty.

    • Girls who look like this at the beach have guys drooling all over themselves. I know it cause I see it all the time and I’m also one of those guys. It’s only on the internet that a chick this hot gets bashed by gay trolls and jealous hags.

      It’s so retarded and predictable at this point.

  7. chinmay


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