1. ad naseum

    Add a skullcap and she would look just like Cartman

  2. Poop

    Amazing how different these famous cunts look w/o makeup.

    • Jam

      Someone once said men are actually the “beautiful” one of the two sexes. Because we don’t need a ton of shit on our face to look bearable.

      Personally I think she still looks cute. She kind of looks like this girl I had a crush on in junior high.

  3. jill

    ryan is a tool for feeling her up in fron of her brother thats when the brother whips his A$$

  4. Michelle

    omg!!!! the cartman was priceless!!!! ryan seacrest is a lil shrimpy man… muscularity at all to him. and that girl, yes she is cartman if she put a hat on. lol

  5. Clay

    She’s cute, but damn does she get around.

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