1. Oscar

    New task: find who the chick in the white bikini is. Dat ass

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Vaginas. Why did it have to be vaginas?”

  3. hoolyhood

    even that woman (or possibly steven tyler) can’t seem to avoid making a gentle caress.

  4. “Oh, Kevin…show me how you danced with the wolves.”

  5. Johnny Barbells

    “the nightmares…they’ve come true!!! hold me, jack klugman!”

  6. Ve

    Early guess on the girl in white is Bella Hadid.

  7. Sarah

    Has anyone mentioned to him in this day and age it’s ok to be gay? What is the point of the charade…must be an enormous amount of trouble and energy for him to maintain this image. Obvious from these pics he has way more interest in gossiping and chatting with men vs ogling the ladies.

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