1. MrsWrong

    It’s always tricky, primping after a quickie…or in this case…276 quickies

  2. Rupert

    What’s all that stuff on the back of her legs in pic #34? Did she poop herself?

  3. MrsWrong

    No, black don’t crack…it molts

  4. Babe

    This is only news because it’s Rihanna…West Indian women dress, drink and dance like this during carnival festivities it’s called “playing Mas” or ” Masquerading”. I dont think I know of one Caribbean woman who HASNT played Mas at least once! She’s from Barbados…NO BIG DEAL!

  5. Babe

    Looks like snags in her tights…probably from rubbing up against sequins and feathers and other stuff from other people’s costumes.

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