1. me

    in every picture like this there is an old lady in the background saying “girl, get yo shit together, he ain’t changed” with her eyes


    Couldn’t Rihanna tape that wig lower so there wouldn’t be so much skull showing.

  3. Must not look at his phone, must not look at his phone.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “And so the doctor says, ‘Rectum? Hardly knew’em!’ Hahahaha . . . You know I have to kill you when you don’t laugh at my jokes, right?”

  5. Caroline

    Stupid ass long red fingernails. The only thing they’re good for is to gouge out that asswipes eyes.

  6. “It’s almost the 4th anniversary of the night I tried to kill you. That was fun, wasn’t it?”

  7. What a shitbag couple.

  8. Charles Darwin

    It’s good to see the Mentally Handicapped can have fun at these things,too.

  9. Wheres my hat ?

    Please. Make me feel better. They’re not fertile right ?

  10. ash

    stockholm syndrome

  11. Scott

    Well, she looks overjoyed.

  12. Luke

    Idiot still has the tag on his suit. For a white person nothing wold be so embarrassing.

  13. Colin

    Are we sure this isn’t just a new excuse? “I’m not beating Rihanna, I’m just seizing. On top of her. With my fists.”

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