1. sprub

    What’s the deal with that door ?
    Did she sell the hinges for Kei$ha magic dust (TM) ?

    • If you’ve been around white trash, you would know that broken doors and holes in the wall are common. A side effect of the fighting and drinking.

  2. Bob… I’ll not take the item before me, but take what’s behind door #1.

  3. Randy Bobandy

    It’s not a baby, it’s just a cheeseburger…

  4. Laura

    hehe, Randy. I was just gonna say that too:
    “That ain’t no baby, that’s a Taco Bell baby!”

  5. sminkypinky

    You can see by how much weight she has lost that she is on the hillbilly slimming pill ..METH!!!

  6. luckylue

    Jenelle, Your going to force your mom to buy a bigger house….

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