1. ThisWillHurt

    Big deal! It’s just another pregnant cow at Walmart. Why is that special? Wait, that’s Kim Kardashian? The rich and famous self-proclaimed fashion entrepreneur? The idiot who actively avoids maternity wear in favor of ridiculous looking dresses even though she’s huge? That’s Kim Kardashian? WAHAHAHAHA! YOU’RE AVERAGE NOW!

    • lol umm she was far below average before

    • darkidookie

      Just another single momma….Nothin but a thang chicken wang…..She should have stuck with Chris……Kanye is out the door typical black male….He will be up in the strip club,chasing white girls if you need a baby payment…..OUT!!!

  2. “I am going to need a wider lens”…said the guy behind her.

  3. she actually looks a lot better than I expected she would at 6+ months…better than jessica simpson did

  4. Jonnylamer

    More like Kim Whoredashian

  5. Lissa

    No one was allowed at the deposition, so this “a source tells Radar exclusively” is such bs. Or a court reporter just got herself fired over a $200 story-which I highly doubt. Radar online is such a bogus site!

  6. Paula

    Kim looks beautiful ….it’s very sad how much people can be so jealous about the other happiness…good luck wishes …xoxo

  7. Interred Ferguson

    Great….yet another demon spawn that the world will be expected to fawn over, and think is somehow more special than the average rat of the rug….and will, no doubt, become the next marketing tool in KK’s toolbox….and if the French welcome that pretentious prick (“I’mo lechyou finish…”) with open arms, like they probably will, there’s another good indicator we should’ve let them rot back in WWtwice

  8. What? A black gets a girl pregnant and he leaves her????
    I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT would ever happen……..

  9. seralet

    An ass jacket and a real jacket. If your ass is so big that it needs its own jacket, buy bigger pants.

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