1. j/k

    It’s like I’m dating a pastor!

  2. CK

    The Great White Oprah.

  3. jimmy

    Ah, the green monster at Fenway Park…only smaller.

  4. Quijibo

    Just fucking awful.

  5. Louie

    Tarp? It can be used to cover an entire baseball field, an elephant, a hot air balloon. the snoopy 1 met life,

  6. Chalie Scheen

    Do you think they would allow the new mom to receive a Cleveland steamer as she is delivering her baby? It would certainly make it a day to remember. The creaminess might have a relaxing effect on the mom. And, ok, I volunteer.

  7. Really?

    She’s ugly!! Most famous women don’t let themselves go this much during pregnancy she is so fat and that’s not just baby weight she must be pigging out. Good luck hun getting all that weight off. I only gained the recommended 30 lbs when I was preganant my Dr. said you shouldn’t gain any more than 45 or your putting yourself and baby at risk. She has gained way too much weight!!!!!

  8. KC

    It’s going to take Lucasfilm months to CGI in a thinner version of her.

  9. Flurg Gurble

    Is it me, or does she look like a cult leader?!!?!!

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