1. sdsd


  2. Chupacabra

    she’s so fucking ugly.

  3. Paris Rules!!!

    I absolutely adore Paris Hilton, she is just a lot of fun and actually quite hot. If she sat by you in school guys, you know you;d want a piece, and you girls know you;d be jealous or wish you were as popular and pretty as she is. She’s the ultimate pretty party girl that is fun to see having the fun we all wish we could have. People ask what she is famous for. It is for doing such a great job playing in a role she was born to play on the stage of life called celebrity. That’s all this really is right?

  4. Tunisino

    It’s only a day at NIkki beach in saint trope, nothing new. Champagne battle. See you there.

  5. ojhdsha

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  6. Leave It To Her Beaver

    Face it, PARIS is a genuine genius!!! She’s got flap-jacks on her chest and she coulld afford 5000 more booby jobs than PAMELA ANDERSON ever had. PARIS realizes the danger of cosmetic surgery and obviously is happy camper with what she’s got. Long slender legs to wrap around me, ASS I’d bury my face into in a heartbeat and she seems to not have her pussy lips snipped away like EVERY FUCKING CELEBRITY BITCH has!!! PARIS, my WHOPPER’s all yours.

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