1. Deacon Jones

    I feel hungover just from looking at this picture..

  2. Rev

    Jeez, they should be careful about leaving that wax figure under bright lights.

  3. Seriously?!

    Damn… I’d kick that out of bed in the morning.

  4. NineInchNailed

    Honestly, if she got rid of that painfully bleached and dry blonde hair and got a nice brown bob, wore a bit less make-up and more flattering clothing (no more of this 20-year-old-attention-whore club clothes) she would look really nice and actually quite pretty. And everyone would even admire her for moving past her overplayed “classic bleached blonde” look and for being beautiful at any age.

    Her skin isn’t very good though but that’s what’s expected after so many years of tanning. Nonetheless, getting rid of that horrible lipstick and switching to brown hair would play up her nice eye colour and soften the look of wrinkles without the need to cake-on make up.

  5. justagirl

    Ru Paul, you don’t look so good, girl. Maybe get a facial?

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