1. As a woman, this doesn’t feel like an empowerment movement. I don’t like the idea of emphasizing bodily functions in public – it only makes women seem more of a primal beast to men, rather than their equal. Unfortunately, the way things are today, we do still have to make that argument that we are equal. Feeding a child from one’s mammary gland in public is displaying a bodily function. There are many “natural” things that we do not perform in public because it shows that we are mammals, and we prefer to keep that private, historically. I’m not necessarily railing against women that do it and I don’t think there have to be laws and/or bans, but I think these women are misguided into thinking that it is convenient for them and natural and therefore their choice to do so is an expression of empowerment.

    • There should be a “piss standing up” month for dudes to celebrate our natural abilities. The inability to piss standing up is pretty much why women are weak and inferior.

    • I must respectfully disagree. The fact that we attempt to disguise our mammalian functions (disregarding those that generate health concerns, such as waste elimination – and yes, I’m talking to you, Mr. “piss standing up”) seems to me an unhealthy symptom of a society that has distorted human sexuality in order to enforce social control structures, largely to the detriment of women. These public displays remind us that ‘boobs,’ which exist solely for the pleasure and attraction of men, are, in fact, functional ‘breasts’ that exist for a critical biological purpose, and without which our species would not exist. That is a pretty empowering reminder, and judging from the pushback from many commenters, one that makes men a tad uncomfortable on a boob ogling site. Yet as demonstrated by most of the comments here over the past 2 days, these images are largely considered beautiful, and are addressed with significantly less misogyny than I, er, we usually display. That being said, yes, we’re still going to crack jokes…that is why we come here, along with the ‘boob’ displays…but the occasional reminder that some of these celebrities are loving mothers with a real bond with their children not only forces us to look at them with more respect, but also enhances our vitriol for the K.Kardashians and J.Jones’s of the world. See? It’s a win-win.

    • As a man, S-T-F-U!!

  2. Odbarc

    Why is the baby naked?

  3. Fucking kid is in the way.

  4. I get the feeling she’s just glad that having the baby actually gave her tits and is just showing off now.

  5. brouffy

    is there a line up for the other boob, I’m not waiting for the kid to finish

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