1. In spite of my better judgement, I watched a scene from her “Home Alone” video yesterday.

    It was every bit as horrifying as you might expect. massive amounts of stretch marks and reconstructive scar tissue, combined with a vagina that looks like the result of a flesh eating bacteria infection.

  2. KAE

    Finally, an explanation for Tropical Storm Debby.

  3. jeffiner

    her head looks like a play-doh creation with doll hair glued on top.

  4. whitey

    She looks like a raccoon.

  5. oifoivoia

    this woman makes me sick… First of all, She’s not sexy, hot, or whatever the hell does she think she is…Second, why the fuck did she have like 20 kids just to end up doing porn to feed them poor little bastards. Stupid old skank go get a job and stop parading yourself on beaches like if you were some sort of celebrity

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