1. moving on

    I wish I had a body like that. I could say these girls are so stupid for flaunting their bodies and showing off their sex life. The men have on more clothes than her and that’s sexist. He should be wearing a speedo for her if she has to wear that for him. But in reality she is the brave one. They do that stuff cause they want to no one is making them. It’s not sexist if she does what she wants. If I looked like that I couldn’t say that I would never do those things. I’d probably live in a bikini too and have lots of boyfriends. It would take a million dollars to look like her though. Most women don’t have a chance in hell. I shouldn’t read this stuff as a female because it’s just so depressing. But this is what men want since I know I can never be that I need to stop reading it and move on with my life.

    • Lola

      Stop moaning. I have a body like that and it’s not big deal, boys want you more but you don’t get more love, either in quantity or in quality. You have to be happy, nice and mentally healthy. I bet if you had a body like that, you’d still have the issues that are making you moan in that way.

    • Frank

      I just want to put this out there. A close *girl* friend of mine is a little overweight but i always noticed, she’s got hot guys that dig her. she’s always dating hot guys. and i realized something, it’s because SHE loves who she is, and what she’s got and she fucking owns it. Please please please don’t think all men are attracted to just one type of girl. How fucking boring would that be? Please look in the mirror and realize the beauty IN YOU.

      • Amen. I would rather have a girl with a less than perfect body, but who I can just have fun with, than some model who has shit for brains or is obsessed with her looks.

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